Points of Interest: 1/10/2014

  • Every year Portland Magazine lists its Top Doctors. This year they have the tops in Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Naturopathic Medicine. I suspect their selection process is flawed if they have a way of differentiating one pseudo-medical practitioner from another.
  • When the head of AETNA, a major health insurance company, supports pseudo-medicine I know that Sisyphus had it easy: "The CEO says he has dropped 48 pounds since changing his diet and no longer consuming eggs and dairy products, after blood tests revealed he has a sensitivity to them. He is also an advocate of naturopathy and integrative nutrition. Many conventional doctors dismiss the effect of nutrition on immune health, he says. “I look at my allopathic doctor and say, ‘You’re 30 pounds overweight. How’s your nutritional therapy working for you?’”
  • I always say West Coast, Best Coast, but maybe not for vaccines: Idaho ranks second-to-last in the nation for vaccination levels among its kindergarteners, behind Oregon. Less than 60 percent of Idaho’s 2-year-olds are vaccinated, reports the Annie E. Casey Foundation, 11 percentage points below the national average. It’s a cultural epidemic in the American West — Alaska, Washington state, Colorado and Arizona also top the list. It’s a trend founded not in science but in fear.
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