Self-appointed medical watchdog

Self-appointed medical watchdog

I love language: a clever bon mot or turn of phrase can make my day. I usually do not succeed, but I try to make my writing clever and interesting. It is often not what is said, but how it is said that makes or breaks an essay.

How language is used to frame issues is important and the more I write the more I pay attention to how issues are described in others writing. Some phrasing can really catch the attention.

For example, There Is No “Alternative Medicine” in the Atlantic this month. It is a discussion of chelation for coronary artery disease, the TACT study, discussed at length over at Science-Based Medicine. In was the phrase

self-appointed medical watchdogs

that caught my eye. The phase is used to describe those who found issues with the TACT study, and there are many irregularities to cast doubt on the studies veracity.

To my ear the phrase is slightly derogatory, suggesting a busy-body who is sticking their nose where it does not belong. Or maybe, as a minor self-appointed medical watchdog, I am overly sensitive.

But that brings up a question. Lets say you are a physician who is interested in providing effective, safe and affordable health care to people. You do not want people to waste time, money, health and perhaps their lives pursuing medical interventions that cannot work or are unlikely to be of benefit. Perhaps, like me with the patient who died of a curable cancer because she chose to get alkaline therapy from a naturopath, you recognize the dangers of pursuing useless therapies.

You actually care enough about medicine that you are unable to shrug your shoulders and ignore the non use of pseudo-medicine and the issues with real medicine.

Where can you get an appointment? Is there a University or Governmental Body who can give you a title or an official certification so you can be an appointed medical watchdog? Where can I get apply? Because I so want the title: USDA Prime Grade A Medical Watchdog. Or Certified in "Caring about my Patients"? Maybe the Atlantic knows of such an institution and certification.

In this society anyone who wants to protect consumers from the expanding market of pseudo-medicine will have be self appointed, because Big Pharma funds are sorely lacking. Rather than self appointed medical watchdog, how about physician committed to quality science-based patient care? Sounds better to me.

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