Inflicting Nonsense on the Helpless

Inflicting Nonsense on the Helpless

One of the things that I appreciate about being an adult is the freedom to be a dumb ass. I think that is in the constitution somewhere, the right to be wrong. Adults can do whatever they want within the limits of the law. With the privilege of being a dumb ass comes the responsibility to live with the consequences of your actions and others have the privilege to call you out on your dumb-ass-atude.

There are groups who are unable to make an informed, or perhaps an uninformed choice, about using pseudo-medicines and who should not have to suffer adverse consequences from having pseudo-medical treatments inflicted upon them.

Children are one such group. Society has an obligation to children to protect them from the others, which we often ignore.

Homeopathy Vs. Western Medicine: What's Best For Your Kids?, a news segments that suggests homeoprophylaxis has the same effects as a vaccine.

He said he uses it with his own son to build immunity at an early age. "It's an alternative to the conventional vaccine schedule that works to build specific immunity to the same kinds of pathogens that the vaccine is intending to inoculate against," Peterson said. "It just so happens that we do that but just without the side effects, the toxins, the preservatives, the adjuvants."

What is homeoprophylaxis?

Homeoprophylaxis uses homeopathic remedies called nosodes (prepared from disease germs) to educate the immune system towards the disease process. They are not intended to force antibody production, nor are they polluted with every other ingredient vaccines have. Nosodes are pure disease energy aimed to stimulate appropriate immunological response to natural disease so that the immune system knows how to get sick and how to get better.

In other words, homeoprophylaxis is nothing. Just water that can do nothing to prevent or treat any infection.  I think you want to differentiate between Fantasy and Reality based medicine.  That distinction makes the choice easier.  

And as a word to KEYE TV, homeopathy was invented in Germany. That, I believe, is in the West. 

The other group that has to suffer from pseudo-medicine is animals. Every couple of months some poor beast at a zoo has acupuncture inflicted upon it:

Bubba, a 20-year-old Komodo dragon at the San Antonio Zoo, has received acupuncture treatment for the past several weeks to treat degenerative bone disease in both knees.  Although they quote some nonsense from the Mayo Clinic

Acupuncture is meant to "stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissue" and "appears to boost the activity of your body's natural painkillers and increase blood flow.

to justify their animal torture:

it took a team of five zoo staff members, including Coke, to restrain and treat Bubba, using both traditional methods of acupuncture as well as electroacupuncture, which sends electric pulses to points on the body via needles.

Not unlike autistic children being terrified in an equally worthless chiropractic study.

And watch the video. Not even the slightest pretense of infection control. It is ghastly from an ID perspective. They do not wear gloves, their hands wipe their sweaty brows then handle the animal, they do not wipe down the skin with alcohol, and jam the needles through the thick hide, an a important barrier to infection in animals. Watch as Bubba mysteriously dies on infection. What would Bob and Ray say?

Zoos seem to love to do this to animals. And I thought they were in the business of protecting and helping animals.

Poor children. Poor animals. It sucks to be at the mercy of others who wish to inflict their worthless and/or painful therapies upon you.

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