A Perfect Example of Why This Organization is Needed

A Perfect Example of Why This Organization is Needed

It is still odd to my mind. As a rule, major Universities not have departments of Astrology or Bigfoot Studies or UFO studies or Economics. Except, perhaps, as part of the Sociology Department as part of the study of human superstitions.

They recognize that these disciplines have no basis in reality and are worthy as study as part of a reality based curriculum.

That is not a characteristic major Medical centers when it comes to Complementary and Alternative pseudo-Medicine. Take Chiropractic. Please. Its origins are goofy: manipulating the neck to cure deafness. Its basic theory separate from known anatomy and physiology: there are no subluxations to fix and no innate intelligence. It has no efficacy for any medical problem save low back pain for which there are safer options. And chiropractic can cause strokes. The trifecta of pseudo-medicine: fantastic (1abc), ineffective and dangerous.

Does that stop Southern California University of Health Sciences? Seems not. Southern California University of Health Sciences Selected for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ First-Ever Chiropractic Residency Program. Embarrassed to be inflicting pseudo-medicine on vets? Of course not. They are ‘proud’ and ‘thrilled to be a part of such an innovative program.’

Over at the SBM blog is was suggested by an individual who “practice(s) in an academic health sciences center” that there was no reason for this organization. This is an excellent example of our raison d’être.

Every year I get a request from my Medical School for money. I check the website to see if they are offering any pseudo-medicine. They do. So I pass. Any Southern California University of Health Sciences graduates out there might I suggest not donating this year to an institution that supports pseudo-medcine.

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