An Offer You Can Refuse

An Offer You Can Refuse

I don't know if this will work or not, but here is an offer. There are Skeptics in the Pub and other meetings that I cannot visit in person to preach the good word. That is assuming I would be wanted.

I was thinking of attempting a Max Headroom.

Skype is not a good way to do a lecture or talk, but I could Skype into any small meeting and I could be pimped about issues concerning SBM.

I think it would work as long as the computer at the other end had a good pair of speakers.

Depending on my schedule,  time zones (I am in Portland Oregon) and enough lead time, if you want a Pimp the SBM Editor, I will attempt to Skype into your meeting and field questions for 30 or 45 minutes.

Or maybe it is a stupid idea. But it stands. 

As my old roommate said, Nothing ventured, nothing lost.




Points of Interest: 1/10/2014
Points of Interest: 1/9/2014

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