Points of Interest 02/17/2017

Homeopathy for Allergic Rhinitis: A Systematic Review. "The low or uncertain overall quality of the evidence warrants caution in drawing firm conclusions about intervention effects. Use of either Galphimia glauca or a homeopathic nasal spray may have small beneficial effects on the nasal and ocular symptoms of AR. The efficacy of isopathic treatment of AR is unclear."

Scientists must join the battle against Andrew Wakefield's poisonous anti-vaccine nonsense

Acupunct Med. 2016 Jun;34(3):164-70. doi: 10.1136/acupmed-2015-010947. Epub 2016 Jan 21. Randomised controlled trial of contralateral manual acupuncture for the relief of chronic shoulder pain.. Treatment compared to wait list will ALWAYS show benefit.

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