Points of Interest 02/11/2017

Consumers are wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on vitamins that may be harmful

The Cochrane Library Acupuncture for acute hordeolum. "The certainty of the evidence was low to very low mainly due to small sample sizes, inadequate allocation concealment, lack of masking of the outcome assessors, inadequate or unclear randomization method, and a high or unreported number of dropouts. All RCTs were conducted in China, which may limit their generalizability to non-Chinese populations."

Institute for Natural Medicine Launches Public Outreach Campaign. "The Institute for Natural Medicine (INM; Washington, DC), a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to care by licensed naturopathic doctors, announced last week that it has launched the INM Ambassador Program to increase public awareness around the value of naturopathic medicine."

Tracing the Medicinal Acceptance of Aloe Vera

Tennessee bills allow chiropractic "physicians" ex...
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