Report from the B Ark

Report from the B Ark

As I mentioned before, I suspect that the Chinese are making a medical B ark.

Into the A ship would go all the leaders, scientists and other high achievers. The C ship would contain all the people who made things and did things, and the B ark would hold everyone else, such as hairdressers, telephone sanitisers and CAM providers/researchers.

What to do with all the second raters, the fantastical thinkers, those unable to do quality research and critical thinking. You don't want them mucking up real medical research, so instead give them some high tech toys and turn them loose on Traditional Chinese Pseudo-Medicine.

How else to explain the huge amount of TCPM studies that apply modern techniques to explore a fiction? An example of what is an accelerating phenomena is A Correlation Study between Two Adjacent Same-Meridian Acupoints after Laser-Needle Acupuncture with Optical Coherence Tomography and Diffuse Reflectance Spectra.

The rationale for the study is to look for a mechanism for the effectiveness of laser acupuncture, since they think that

clinical effectiveness of laser acupuncture has been confirmed.

Which it hasn't.

Others have looked for the mechanism of laser acupuncture with less than satisfying results:

The mechanism of laser acupuncture was researched by all kinds of modern techniques in recent years, such as the electricity, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Among them, the electricity technique was the most widely used technique. These methods can reveal the existence of meridian and its properties to certain extent.

Which, again, it hasn't. There are no meridians. But that doesn't stop these researchers from getting their full B ark on

Chen et al. have studied the light wave transport characteristics variation along the pericardium meridian under different pressures. The optical signal on the meridian is stronger than the nonmeridian. The optical signal attenuates slower when it transported along meridians. The human meridians may be the good pathway for light waves with certain wavelengths. That is to say light waves with certain wavelengths can transport and be blocked along meridian direction, when they irritate the meridians, or acupoints after excluding the influence of human anatomy structure, which verified again the objective existence of meridians transporting and the possibility of blocking from the optical view.

and came up with

a scheme was designed to explore the differences of optical spectra and OCT backscattered light intensities between the LI4 acupoint and its adjacent acupoints after a 658 nm laser irradiation in vivo.

They measured the reflectance spectra and optical coherence tomography imaging of acupoints and nonacupoints before and at various times after laser irradiation for 15 minutes or 45 minutes.

As if measuring the changes of reflectance and backscattered light intensities of adjacent acupoints were meaningful in anyway whatsoever.

They thought is was meaningful and wasted a huge amount of time and resources on evaluating the results to conclude

that a correlation exists between adjacent acupoints on the same meridian to some extent.

To some extent. 

Harriet Hall defined this kind of study as Tooth Fairy Science, but only if the the tooth fairy is a cyborg from the future.

The Chinese certainly have money to throw away, this ludicrous study was supported by 9 grants as well as industry. But if it keeps the B Arkers happy and occupied, it is probably worth it.

It also appears that China has a bigger problem that I had suspected. The need to quarantine the TCPM practitioners and researchers has resulted in passing a law to

to protect and facilitate the development of TCM, requiring regional governments to set up TCM institutions in public-funded general hospitals and mother-and-child care centres.

But with

3,966 TCM hospitals and 42,528 TCM clinics in China, employing around 452,000 practitioners.

like barnacles on a ship, they could be a real drag on reality-based medical research and treatment if these are set loose upon real biomedical universities and clinics.

I wonder.  Is that the real use of the NCCIH and Integrative Medical Clinics?  I wish.

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