Can Acupuncture Improve Sleep for Breast Cancer Survivors with Hot Flashes? New Study Says Yes. Dumb statement of the week: "A course of acupuncture treatment — six to ten sessions — may stabilize the body's ability to regulate its temperature." From Sloan Kettering

Vibrational Acupuncture: Integrating Tuning Forks with Needles (17ACUP10). "This constitutionally based treatment protocol for face and body synergizes the resonance of Acutonics® tuning forks with acupuncture needling to balance, tone and unblock the meridians." A class at Bastyr.

Can water protect you from glyphosate 'poisoning'? Gilles-Eric Séralini's homeopathy "detox" hoax

Conscientious objection to vaccines has doubled in 20 years

Organic Body Cleanse Human Body Detoxification Process Data Site Launched. About time.