Points of Interest 12/16/2016

Chiropractors furious at Melbourne clinic screening of anti-vaccination film Vaxxed. "A chiropractic clinic in Melbourne has hosted a screening of the anti-vaccination film Vaxxed​, infuriating chiropractors who say a minority of "rogue" practitioners is bringing their profession into disrepute."

Cops fail to keep a check on quack menace in city. "Despite repeated cases of medical negligence coming to light, the Delhi police has failed to take action against about 250 quacks practicing in the city."

Homeopathy. "UCSF Archives & Special Collections houses an important collection documenting the development and history of homeopathy. In 1962, most of the Homeopathic Foundation of California's Library was donated to UCSF. The collection consists of more than 1,300 monographs, pamphlets, serial titles, and manuscript materials."

University of Florida. UF Health Integrative Medicine Conference and Workshop. The keynote speaker is a naturopath.

J Bioeth Inq. 2016 Dec 14. How Should We Respond to Non-Dominant Healing Practices, the Example of Homeopathy. "At a clinical level clinicians need to respect the values and beliefs of their patients and communicate with all the practitioners involved in a patient's care."

J Perinatol. 2016 Dec 15. doi: 10.1038/jp.2016.227. Acupuncture in the neonatal intensive care unit-using ancient medicine to help today's babies: a review..

PLoS One. 2016 Dec 14;11(12):e0168123. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0168123. eCollection 2016. Publication Trends in Acupuncture Research: A 20-Year Bibliometric Analysis Based on PubMed.. "Both the increases in the proportion of RCTs and the impact factor of journals support that the quality of published research has improved." No. Quality is still awful.

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