There was an advertising feature a recent issue of Science called Achieving Leadership in China's Medical Research through a Convergence of Topnotch Talent.

It is the usual nonsensical gibberish that somehow there are two different realities

Western medicine is based on the application of medical science to practice, and is mainly used to cure disease and promote health. TCM, on the other hand. is also effective for preventing disease and preserving health, but involves a systematic approach based on repeating experiments that take into account the human in its entirety.

China wants to increase its investment in medical research and, probably in no small part to the first Nobel that was awarded for the discovery of an antimalarial in a TCPM nostrum, the Chinese want to increase spending on Traditional Chinese Pseudo-Medicine.

Somehow I doubt the increase in TCPM spending will add to the Nobel count for China.

I can't understand why the Chinese want to spent their financial and intellectual capital on the medical equivalent of astrology and alchemy. The Chinese never had their Flexner report equivalent, for all the good it did the US, given the infiltration of quackademia. And China jas a long history of TCPM promotion. TCPM seems to be a point of national pride.

Maybe this is the Chinese medical research B ark

Into the A ship would go all the leaders, scientists and other high achievers. The C ship would contain all the people who made things and did things, and the B ark would hold everyone else, such as hairdressers and telephone sanitisers.

All the second raters, the fantastical thinkers, those unable to do quality research and critical thinking. They are now all concentrated in TCPM institutions, allowing the rest of Chinese medical research to flourish without the drag of TCPM. The B arkers can all be happy, churning out tooth fairy science to their hearts content.

It is a clever idea. The Chinese have the money, the people,  and the true believers who need placating.

Maybe being mini B arks is the real purpose behind all Integrative Medicine Clinics and the NCCIH. Except they are failing at keeping the B arkers from influencing society.

It is probably too good to be true. Why would the Chinese want to hire away all of our B ark candidates? I cannot see an upside for them, only an upside for us. I just hope Trump doesn't anger the Chinese to the point where they refuse to take our TCPM providers and researchers.