Points of Interest 12/12/2016

Are Chiropractors Backing The Anti-Vaccine Movement?. "Today Andrew Wakefield was a keynote speaker at the International Chiropractors Association's Annual Conference on Chiropractics and Pediatrics in Maui, Hawaii."

Anti-vaccine bogans create a whooping cough 'hotbed' on Gold Coast. Bogan? is a derogatory Australian and New Zealand slang word used to describe a person whose speech, clothing, attitude and behaviour exemplify values and behaviour considered unrefined or unsophisticated.

We say 'nuts' to news release claiming nuts cut risk of many diseases

American Academy of Pediatrics has new interactive tool showing state immunization rates, with information on significant outbreaks.

21st Century Cures Act divides doctors.

Take STAT's new quiz: can you out-science a high schooler?

Not confident? Take the 8th grade science test.

Are the Chinese Building a B Ark?
Chiropractic journal article: adjustment of verteb...

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