Acupuncture treatments after mastectomy help women cope with post-operative symptoms. Remember the wise words of Edzard Ernst concerning studies that compare an intervention to usual care. It is "a study-design which is virtually sure to generate nothing but positive results."

Chiropractor responds to lawsuit. "A lawsuit alleges that a Twin Cities chiropractor sent a car insurance company more than $1 million in fraudulent bills."

Trump's HHS pick belongs to fringe group of anti-vax 'Tea Party' doctors who believe Obama hypnotized voters

WEDNESDAY WOMAN: Clean from inside out. "Griffith explained that because the seat of all emotions is the gut, colon hydrotherapy helps to keep one's centre clean thereby keeping the mind, body and spirit balanced."

Can curcumin spice treat Alzheimer's disease?. Another application of Betteridge's law of headlines. "Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no