Points of Interest 11/29/2016

poi 11.29.16

Have A Migraine? Get A Back Rub - Skip The Chiropractor. It is all placebo.

Trump met with prominent anti-vaccine activists during campaign

Stopping the Spread of Japan's Antivaccine Panic. "Japanese women's health is increasingly at risk as public-health policy is driven by conspiracy theories, misguided political interference and bureaucratic caution."

Anti-vaccine film axed from being screened by Queensland council after criticism from leaders and medical experts

Trial of woman who treated son with holistic medicine will reignite debate over alternative treatments

Here's What Placebos Can Heal—And What They Can't. "There are rules and conditions in which healing can be incredibly effective. Parkinson's, chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, anxiety, certain types of asthma, and autoimmune deficiencies are all very placebo-responsive." Nooooooooooo.

Petition to remove Deepak Chopra from Edmonton autism conference gets 800 signatures

Dubious health claims thrive online. Here's how to avoid them

4 Complementary and Alternative Medicines for the Flu. A complete lack of critical thinking from a PharmD Candidate.

Homeopathic kids' products recalled due to belladonna. "The FDA advises consumers of the recalled Raritan products to immediately stop using them."

Journalists need to prune the overgrowth in the jungle of supplement news

4 pre-Thanksgiving health news turkeys on observational studies. Press release = inaccurate news.

650 people get permission to sue chiropractors

Colon detoxification – myth versus science

How can you tell if a Naturopath is promulgating g...
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