Infinite Variations

Infinite Variations

Age cannot wither acupuncture, nor custom stale its infinite variety.

Shakespeare. Antony and Cleopatra

There are so many kinds of acupuncture: Chinese, Japanese, tongue, hand, ear, German and electro. Which is the real one? Trick question. None are.

Then there are the variations of acupuncture by various masters.

There is the technique of Professor WU Xu’s:

Professor WU’s manipulation characteristics of acupuncture for acute upper abdominal pain, including acute cholecystitis, kidney stone, acute stomach pain, are one-hand shape but both hands in nature, moving like Tai Chi, force on the tip of needle, movement of qi mainly. The main technique posture is one-hand holding needle with middle finger for pressing, the needle is hold by thumb and index finger, and is assisted by middle finger.

I know how important the middle finger can be in some human interactions.

There is method of Professor WANG Ling-Ling:

With deep acupuncture at Baliao points (eight sacral foramina) as the core, Professor WANG Ling-ling has treated diseases of urinary, digestive and reproductive systems with superior therapeutic effect. The key for efficacy of Baliao points is deep acupuncture. Only deeply insert into acupoints with long needles and directly stimulate at sacral nerves, could Baliao points play a superior role in treatment effect… A lot of research on location, manipulation and clinical application of Baliao points has performed by Professor WANG Ling-ling, and its manipulation and clinical cases are introduced to make a positive effect on its application and popularization.

And Dong’s unique extra-points.

Or yeah, don’t forget either YAN Ming-guang and XU Feng’s Najia fa (day-prescription of acupoints)

When compared between the two schools, it is held that Najia fa of YAN Ming-guang school more accords with the law of point selection according to Ziwu Liuzhu Zhenfa (acupuncture based on the midnight-noon and ebb-flow doctrine) in following the original doctrine, selection of points on the base of day-prescription, and time-meridian relation of Sanjiao (triple energizer) and Pericardium meridians. Therefore, it is concluded that the YAN’s Najia fa should not be neglected and forgotten.

And Professor Li Yan-Fang who recommends

The gentle and superficial insertion should be done as the follows: hold the needle with the right hand, press gently along the running course of meridians with the left hand to promote qi circulation, hard pressing should be applied at acupoints to disperse the local qi and blood, insert the needle gently and quickly into the subcutaneous region with the right hand, and stop the insertion when patient has the needling sensation.

and Mr. HU Yin-pei, a famous acupuncture specialist who uses golden needles and who

focuses on acupuncture manipulation, and puts forward four key points of accuracy, gentle and fast, stable as well as effective.

And on and on and on. Acupuncture is truly amazing in it’s variety: so many variations for acupoints and techniques. No real standards or consistency. And all equally nonsensical.

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