Points of Interest 11/01/2016

The Chiro Kids: Some Moms Swear by It, but Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Babies?. Dr. Novella says " "The idea of a tiny baby needing to have their back realigned is just pure nonsense. This is just subjecting children to an unpleasant procedure without any evidence or benefit or even an assurance that it is reasonably safe. This is completely unethical in my opinion.""

Beyond the Flu Shot: There's more than one way to boost your immunity this cold and flu season. No there isn't. Homeopathy and Reiki and Supplements do nothing.

How does acupuncture work? It doesn't. And certainly not for "common cold, and the flu, fevers, ear infection, sore throat, coughing, asthma, any sort of respiratory issues like COPD and gastrointestinal issues." And watch the wonderful infection control technique

Genetic testing fumbles, revealing 'dark side' of precision medicine

False Balance/False Equivalency
Points of Interest 10/20/2016

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