Homeopaths and Chiropractors really don't care if they kill you.

Homeopaths and Chiropractors really don't care if they kill you.

The last several weeks have been hard on pseudo-medical providers.

First, a homeopathic teething product that was not so dilute that it could have contained deadly nightshade was removed from the market by the FDA. It may have killed 10 children and harmed 400 more. One would think pulling the product would be a good thing. In real medicine we tend to follow the precautionary principle, that safe is better than sorry.

Not so with homeopaths.

FDA's warning about homeopathic teething preparation seems arbitrary and capricious, the media's exaggerated fear mongering has made a bad situation worse. In fact, an FDA spokesperson told news agencies that the relationship between serious adverse events and homeopathic teething products has not yet been determined and is currently under review.

No precautionary principle for the homeopath's, they want to

Correct Misconceptions about Homeopathic Teething Tablets

even at the risk of more dead babies.

Then there was the autopsy report for Katie May, which said she died of an arterial tear caused by chiropractic manipulation.

If neck manipulation were a real medication it would have a box warning. Chiropractors? No precautionary principle for them. They never admit that just maybe, perhaps possibly, that their manipulations could cause harm. Nope. It is the usual, deny it is dangerous and look for another reason

"Chiropractic is very safe. I do it to my little children. I do it to my mom, who's almost 90 years old. I do it to all my patients," said Jeffrey Benton of the California Chiropractic Association.

He said complications from getting adjusted by a chiropractor are extremely rare and wondered if May had other underlying conditions.

And complications from chiropractic are common if you look at the literature, not a chiropractic past time.

In case reports or case series, more than 200 patients were suspected to have been seriously harmed. The most common serious adverse effects were due to vertebral artery dissections. The two prospective reports suggested that relatively mild adverse effects occur in 30% to 61% of all patients.

This is why there are no patient safety quality studies to be found on Pubmed for chiropractic. The first step in solving a problem is understanding there is a problem.

And then, as chiropractors so love to do, they note

"There are more deaths to opioid medications than there are to chiropractic manipulations,"

Suggesting that it is ok to kill a few patients, just as long as it is fewer than from opiate addiction.

In real medicine we are working hard to come up with reality based and effective (neither adjective applying to chiropractic) solutions to chronic pain and opiate addictions. Medicine is dangerous and complex and we continually strive to to improve the safety and efficacy of our interventions

And what are chiropractors, homeopaths and other pseudo-medicine providers and their organizations doing to make their interventions safer?

Nothing but denial.

Same as it ever was.

Points of Interest 10/20/2016
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