A Proposal for a Now Completed Worthless Chiropractic Study.

A Proposal for a Now Completed Worthless Chiropractic Study.

Chiropractic, like much of pseudo-medicine, is fundamentally based on a delusion. There is no subluxation complex that can be fixed with spinal manipulation improve spinal function, nerve conduction or improve spinal health, whatever that might be.

So it is of no surprise that chiropractic manipulation as shown no benefit for any condition in carefully done trials.

Yet Chiropractors persist in looking for validation of their pseudo-medicine and have proposed another poorly justified and designed trial: The effect of chiropractic treatment on the reaction and response times of special operation forces military personnel: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. This proposal was published this month in Trials, although it has registered as of 2014.

They suggest

SM is used by professional sports teams to enhance player performance. Currently, there is some preliminary evidence that CMT may have a positive effect on both reaction time and movement time [20, 21].

Reference 20 is The use and role of sport chiropractors in the national football league: a short report, a "Postal survey of head athletic trainers" and concerns

When asked to identify conditions appropriate for referral to a chiropractor, the respondents identified low back pain (61%), "stingers" and "burners" usually associated with neck injury (31%), headaches (8%), asthma or other visceral disorders (0%).

Reference 21 is Chiropractic utilization in BMX athletes at the UCI World Championships: a retrospective study and was a survery of chiropractic for injury.

Oddly, I can find no mention of either reaction time or movement time in the reference.

That's what I would call preliminary evidence.

Another justification was a study that compared chiropractic students who either received cervical manipulation or nothing and then tested their ability to do a mental rotation. Anyone one besides me see a potential for methodologic bias that would render the study worrthless?

And an even smaller study of "ten patients from a private chiropractic practice" that evaluated

Movement time was measured as participants moved a cursor onto a target appearing on a computer screen

In both studies the p was reported at < 0.05. Statistically significant but unlikely clinically significant of you are a Bayes kind of person.

So thin gruel to justify a study. But because

Office of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs issued a Program Announcement that led to the Defense Health Program Chiropractic Clinical Trial Award (W81XWH–11–2–0107) to, in part, "assess military readiness by evaluating pre-post differences in reflexes and reaction times following chiropractic treatment using a pre-post interventional cohort trial in members of Special Operation Forces."

They jumped in and

In response, the objective of this study is to test the hypothesis that CMT improves the reaction and response times of these highly motivated and extremely physically fit individuals.

The DC in the study used a hodgepodge of chiropractic diagnostic testing to

reveal musculoskeletal dysfunction in otherwise asymptomatic patients.

ie they used nonsensical diagnostics to find nonexistent problems and then applied fantastical therapy.

DCs decide which specific form of CMT to use based primarily upon the diagnosis and combination of comorbid or complicating diagnoses.

So there was no standard diagnostic, diagnosis, or intervention, just whatever the DC made up as they went along.

And then they had the participants do five biomechanical tests.

These were compared to a wait-list control instead of sham chiropractic, although they dismiss the need for sham, despite the fact that this methodology almost always results in a positive result.

And the study has been completed, but the results are not yet posted.

What a waste of time and money.

Yet another example of using Why Most Published Research Findings Are False as a guide rather than a warning.

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