Drunk Naturopath

Drunk Naturopath

Medicine is dangerous enough when it is based on reality. A wise and experienced practitioner is aware that everything done for a patient, no matter how trivial, has the potential to cause harm.

I learned this lesson as an intern. I had a patient admitted witha cardiac arrest as an outpatient and came in with an iv placed during the resuscitation. The iv became infected with S. aureus which spread to the blood and then to her aortic valve which failed and she died.

Fortunately for medicine, humans are resilient and most of us are trained to worry about all the complications of out interventions. The knowledge of the dangers of medicine are part and parcel of practice.

ND's? Part of their whole schtick is that their interventions are natural and therefore harmless. The same logic behind Socrates was a man. All men die. Therefore all dead men are Socrates.

As the say in addictions, the first step is recognizing you have have a problem and for ND's that does not appear to part of their mindset.


Sydney naturopath pleads not guilty over alleged raw food diet that nearly killed baby

It is alleged the naturopath told the woman, who was still breastfeeding, the eczema was caused by toxins, which needed to be eliminated, and allegedly put the woman on a raw food diet, before advising her to fast completely when she developed a fever.

Not only is eczema not a toxin, the naturopath hadn't a clue that such a fantastical approach could be harmful to mother and child.


Licorice prescription was almost lethal where the

… naturopathic doctor was irresponsible to prescribe licorice without careful monitoring.

As if NDs have any understanding of drug side effects when there are of a mindset that their potions could not be harmful.

Currently ND's have limited ability to harm patients but, as in Oregon, as they gain the legislative, but not competency based, designation as primary care providers, their opportunities to injure people will increase.

A better metaphor for ND practice would perhaps be Drunk naturopath, 44, attacked police as her friend tried to grab a cop's gun from its holster

'Both women were heavily intoxicated, argumentative and were escorted from the premises by police,'

Drunk naturopath, prone to ill advised behaviour.  The only thing more dangerous is a sober one.

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