Points of Interest 08/30/2016

Homeopathic medicines can treat dengue, Chikungunya: Experts. LOL: "spread awareness among people about treatment of water-borne disease like dengue and chikungunya by homeopathic medicines."

Billings woman named 2016 naturopathic physician of the year

Is Cracking Your Back Safe? Humor? "When you crack your joints, whether it be your neck, back, or knuckles, you're doing the same thing, except chiropractors are trained to know which joints actually need adjusting."

Anti-vaxxer admits criminal nuisance. "An anti-vaxxer who ordered a diabetic to stop taking his insulin and injected an unknown substance has admitted a charge of criminal nuisance."

Texas DA's 'Politically Incorrect Opinion' On Autism And Vaccines Isn't Scientifically Correct

Lawmakers pushed access to cancer quack Burzynski

Pediatrics: 87 percent of pediatricians in the United States say they encountered parents refusing to vaccinate their children in 2013.

Naturopath of the Year
Points of Interest 08/28/2016

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