Points of Interest 08/25/2016

J Altern Complement Med. 2016 Aug 24. Evaluation of Wet Cupping Therapy: Systematic Review of Randomized Clinical Trials. "Overall, 9 RCTs favored wet cupping over various control interventions in NSLBP (n = 2), hypertension (n = 1), brachialgia (n = 1), CTS (n = 1), chronic neck pain (n = 2), oxygen saturation in smokers with COPD (n = 1), and oral and genital ulcers due to Behçet disease (n = 1). Five RCTs showed no statistically significant between-group differences: NSLBP (n = 1), metabolic syndrome (n = 1), migraine headaches (n = 1), and physiologic and biochemical parameters of healthy individuals (n = 2)." Somehow that leads to "promising evidence in favor of the use of wet cupping for musculoskeletal pain, specifically NSLBP…"

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Points of Interest 08/24/2016

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