Homeopathic Delusions Run Deep

Homeopathic Delusions Run Deep

I am, as many of you are aware, an Infectious Disease doctor. I spend my professional day diagnosing and treating infections.

I have a lot of respect for infections and their ability to kill and maim. And I have a lot of respect for evolution, which has nicely increased bacterial resistance to antibiotics over the 30 plus years I have been in practice.

Antibiotic resistance is a huge problem with many causes and is, to some extent, inevitable, part of the trade-off of saving a life today only to have resistance tomorrow.

I always say that ID doctors are the only truly holistic physicians, needing to understand infections at the atomic level of organism-antibiotic interactions up to how changes in global climate are changing infections. We have an incredibly detailed understanding of infections and their treatment.

In stark contrast is An Open Letter From Concerned "Physicians" Regarding Antibiotic Resistance(I put physicians in quotes as many of the signers are ND's) from the American Institute of Homeopathy who offer as a solution to the problem of growing antibiotic resistance

homeopathic medicine to effectively and safely treat patients with a wide range of ailments, including serious, and in some cases, life threatening bacterial and viral infections, without the risk of creating further drug resistant organisms.

The mind boggles.

It is true. Water will not create further drug resistant organisms. Water and sugar pills will also do nothing to treat infectious diseases.

Although technically incoherent, I think they imply/suggest that homeopathic products contain

various nanostructures, including source and silica nanoparticles which are heterogeneously dispersed in colloidal solution

that will have activity against infections? the inflammatory state? some vague "measurable and positive biological and therapeutic effects"?

Not exactly certain, the letter is like the politicians acceptance speech. Homeopathy will make ID great again, just no real specifics as to how. It is a feeling rather than a fact.  The letter is in the spirit Newt Gingrich this week, suggesting that feelings are as valid as facts, even when the feelings run counter to the facts.

They snidely disparage the Shang Lancet meta-analysis

as methodologically flawed even within an allopathic medical framework.

and do not even bother to list the paper in the references.  This from a field that uses Why Most Published Research Findings Are False as a research How-To guide rather than a cautionary paper.

Of course they ignore all the other meta-analysis that show similar results.  

And end with a plea that we should

set aside tribal divisions

and work with homeopaths,  as if reality is a tribal division.

The List of Current Signatories is, in my opinion, a list of those who probably know nothing about infectious diseases and their treatment.  It is why they can suggest an intervention that is literally nothing.

I have asked before and will ask again: why is the belief in homeopathy not considered a fixed delusion? It fits the description perfectly.

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