The Blob can be stopped

The Blob can be stopped

I advocated for Sisyphus to be the logo for SfSBM for two reasons. One, we had no other options. Two, I appreciate the sense of both repetition and futility experienced by  Sisyphus. Finally, I like the fatalistic humor it invokes. And yes, I know that is three.

As quackademia and pseudo-medicine slowly invades medicine with a Blob like relentlessness it often feels like little can be done.

It's indestructible. it's indescribable. Nothing can stop it.

It is nice, therefore, so see success by the organized opposition of pseudo-medicine.

In the UK the Good Thinking Society reported that the National Health Service in Liverpool is ending funding of homeopathy. There will no longer be state support for treating illness with nothing, a nothing that cost £30,000 pounds (~$43,000) a year.

This occurred in no small part due to the actions of the Good Thinking Society, which offered a legal action which challenged homeopathic funding, and mobilized the support of the local skeptics to get hundreds of skeptical responses into the official consultation.

A lot of time and effort paid off and SfSBM congratulates them of a job well done.

Their success is a reminder that the Blob can be stopped.  

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Points of Interest 06/15/2016

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