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Points of Interest 02/11/2017

Consumers are wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on vitamins that may be harmfulThe Cochrane Library Acupuncture for acute hordeolum. "The certainty of the evidence was low to very low mainly due to small sample sizes, inadequate allocation concealment, lack of masking of the outcome assessors, inadequate or unclear randomization method, and a...
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Points of Interest 02/09/2017

10 Health Benefits of Shilajit: Alternative Medicine Remedies For Anti-Aging, Healing, Cognitive Strength, More. Shilajit looks to be Himalayan compost?Modern Acupuncture™ Opens First Location In ScottsdaleLondon woman releases images of bump after tumour removal. Treating with herbal medicines, acupuncture and exercises allowed fibroid to grow to ...
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Points of Interest 02/08/2017

A NEW DOC IN TOWN. "Dr. Pais is a Naturopathic Doctor – which means he has gone through an equally rigorous medical training as a regular MD, or Medical Doctor."  Um, no.

Sorry, alternative health people: feeling better after a therapy is no proof it works

How the Anti-Vaxxers Are Winning

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Points of Interest 02/03/2017

Experts warn against supplements for brain functionContaminated medical marijuana believed to have killed cancer patientIs Homeopathy Pseudoscience? Top Russian Science Body Thinks So Homeopathy sells dangerous lies to patientsWhy Can't Doctors Just Give Up on Vaccine Deniers?Cell Physiol Biochem. 2016;39(6):2331-2340. Epub 2016 Nov 11. Comparing t...
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Points of Interest 02/06/2017

Herbal medicines can have dangerous side effects, research reveals They can cause kidney or liver damage, and are sometimes adulterated with steroids, pesticides, antibiotics or harmful metals.How herbal medicines could actually make you sickerFuror in China After Wikipedia Calls Acupuncture "Pseudoscience"Altern Ther Health Med. 2017 Jan;23(1):46-...
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