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Naturopathic "doctors" selling Mississippi a pig in a poke

Not even Sen. Josh Hawkins, the author of a bill licensing naturopathic "physicians" for the first time in Mississippi, could tell his colleagues what sort of education and training naturopaths have. (Previous naturopathic licensing attempts in the state have failed.) His colleague, Sen. Hob Bryan, admitted he didn't know what naturopathy is. ...
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The enchanted primary care practitioner

​New Mexico is truly the "Land of Enchantment," just not in the way the state's promoters intended when they adopted that tagline. They wanted to conjure a feeling of pleasure or delight, one definition of the word "enchantment." But enchantment's other meaning – witchcraft, sorcery, magic – comes closer to the true spirit of the place when you con...
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Not Even Wrong: Chiropractic and Bedwetting

The Joint Chiropractic has an article called Childhood Bed-wetting: Could Chiropractic Be the Answer?Betteridge's law rules again: "Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no."The understanding by chiropractic as to the pathophysiology of bedwetting? There's a bit of an explanation for why it happens, so bear with...
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Alternative Facts are so yesterday. We need Integrative Facts

I thought I had a solution to all the hassles of medicine. Don't want to go with standard treatments as they are too expensive or inconvenient? Use alternative facts. Here is some oral PCN VK for your MRSA endocarditis. Infection rates up and we have to report it to the feds? Use alternative facts and say the rates are zero. Don't know the right an...
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Naturopathic licensing and practice expansion bills filed in state legislatures

​Via the magic of Legislative Alchemy, the new year brings a flurry of naturopathic licensing and practice expansion legislation to the halls of state legislatures. The goal of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians is full primary care scope of practice for naturopaths in all 50 states. Their efforts, fueled by lobbying funds from die...
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