There are many short term and long term goals and projects for the Society.  While we are starting small, our vision for Science-Based Medicine (SBM) is large.


The site will be a place for like minded individuals to communicate, educate and organize.

We want there to be local branches of SfSBM, at your medical school,  to have your own SBM at the pub, to organize lectures, and to advocate for SBM in your community.">

We want the site to be a central repository for all aspects of SBM: reference material, blogs, wiki, audio, video, reviews, legal and legislative advocacy,  links and more.

SfSBM blog 

The Society has a blog for issues related to Science-Based Medicine as well as issues concerning the Society.

SfSBM conference

There has never been a scientific conference devoted to SBM and there needs to be a regular meeting.  It should be CME accredited. 

SfSBM podcast

Besides the Quackcast, there is the SfSBM Podcast.

SfSBM wiki

Available at, eventually to become the central source for information on all aspects of SBM. 

SfSBM medical school core curriculum 

Many medical school curricula are produced by proponents of complementary and alternative pseudo-Medicine.  There needs to be a core body of information, perhaps as an iBook or other ebook format, for all health care students.

SfSBM journal

Once there was the Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine,  "Devoted to objectively analyzing the claims of alternative medicine." This journal or an equivalent needs to be revived, perhaps as an electronic journal on the model of PLOS.


Currently available at the JREF, Amazon, Nook and iTunes, the essays through June 2011 from the SBM blog have been organized into a dozen volumes.  It will be periodically updated.

SfSBM advocacy 

Complementary and Alternative pseudo-Medicine proponents are actively engaged in expanding their practice by legislative means.  There needs to be a voice of reality to counter the efforts of Complementary and Alternative pseudo-Medicine practitioners.

And more.  As a group we can accomplish almost anything.