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Colorado State Legislature


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Colorado Legislative Bills

 2018 Session

To voice your opinion on these bills (and we hope you will) you need to find out where they are in the legislative process and how to contact state legislators in the states where they are pending. See FAQS for more information on how to do this. Each year there are many bills forcing public and private health insurance providers to cover CAM services (especially chiropractic). Because of the sheer volume of these bills we are unable to include them in our legislative updates at this time.


House Bill 1068. Failed; Legislature adjourned; no carryover to 2019. Colorado allows naturopaths to register, but does not license them. Last year, the Colorado General Assembly passed a law requiring naturopaths to use the term “Registered Naturopathic Doctor” (RND) to avoid public confusion. The naturopaths do not like this, so this year they got a bill introduced eliminating the requirement. 

House Bill 1433Passed House and Senate; signed into law by Governor. Eliminates requirement that naturopathic doctors use the term "R.N.D." (Registered Naturopathic Doctor) after name. (See Colorado House Bill 1068, above) Would be required to tell patients they are registered, not licensed. Colorado N.D.s are prohibited from using the term "physician" but this bill would allow them to disclose they are members of naturopathic organizations that misleadingly refer to naturopaths as "physicians" or licensing in another state as a naturopathic "physician" unless the disclosure is "false, misleading or deceptive." If a specialty is claimed, it must be qualified by the term "naturopath" or "naturopathic." Bill was filed by special permission although deadline for filing new bills had passed. About a third of Colorado registered naturopaths were illegally claiming they are "physicians." Some, but not all, have pulled that description from their websites after a complaint exposing their illegal use of the term "physician" was filed with the state.



Senate Bill 239Passed House and Senatesigned into law by Governor. Removes the requirement that an animal be cleared by a veterinarian before being subjected to "animal chiropractic" performed by a chiropractor. Add requirement that chiropractor must have a mere 9 hours of course work related to contagious, infectious, and zoonotic diseases plus 2 hours of continuing education. Bill introduced after deadline by special permission. Animal chiropractic is based on the same nonsensical notions as chiropractic for humans, that is, the "detection" and "correction" of "subluxations," which will do the animal absolutely no good, because subluxations don't exist, but will help the bottom line of chiropractors. 

Other CAM Practitioners

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Other Bills of Interest

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