The first 2.5 years of the Science-Based Medicine have been organized into ebooks (Kindle, Nook iPad) covering the breadth and depth of Supplements, Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

The volumes are

  • SBM Guide to Acupuncture and ‘Eastern’ Medicine
  • SBM Guide to Cancer and CAM
  • SBM Guide to Chiropractic
  • SBM Guide to Critical Thinking
  • SBM Guide to Ethics Law Politics and Media
  • SBM Guide to Herbs Supplements and Medications
  • SBM Guide to Homeopathy
  • SBM Guide to Miscellaneous CAM
  • SBM Guide to Naturopathy
  • SBM Guide to Quackademic Medicine
  • SBM Guide to Vaccines and Autism
  • Science Based Medicine: An Anthology

For a mere $4.99 each.

Published in conjunction with the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF), they are available for Amazon Kindle, Nook and iPad.

Links can vary on the bookstores.  Search your favorite provider with the term "Science-Based Medicine Guide" and you will likely find the ebbok or visit the JREF.