As of 6/19 the Society is undergoing reorganization with a merger with Science-Based Medicine.
Stay tuned.
While we reorganize, some features, such as memberships, will be inactive.
Thank you for your patience.
What is the Society for Science-Based Medicine?
  • A Society for a community of like-minded individuals, both in and out of health care, who support the goals of Science-Based Medicine.
The mission of the Society for Science-Based Medicine includes, but is not limited to,
  • Educating consumers, professionals, business people, legislators, law enforcement personnel, organizations and agencies about Science-Based Medicine.
  •  Providing resources and information for information concerning all aspects of Science-Based Medicine. Providing a central resource for communication between individuals and organizations concerned about Science-Based Medicine.
  • Supporting sound consumer health laws for the practice of Science-Based Medicine and opposing legislation that undermines Science-Based Medicine.
  • Encouraging and aiding legal actions in support of the practice of Science-Based Medicine.
Goals of the Society include, but is not limited to
  • Community
  • Education
  • SfSBM blog
  • SfSBM conference
  • SfSBM podcast
  • SfSBM wiki
  • Medical school core curriculum 
  • SfSBM journal
  • ebooks
  • Legal and legislative advocacy