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SFSBM 203: The Oceans have Syphylis?!?

SFSBM 202: Trying to prove a fairy tale.

SFSBM 201: Energized plaintiffs sue energy drink manufacturers.

SFSBM 200: Acupuncture Clinic Closes Due to Poor Infection Control. Water is Wet. Fire is Hot..

SFSBM 199: Acupuncture GIGO: An Inexhaustible Resource.

SFSBM 198: Plaintiffs say you don't need "One A Day".

SFSBM 197: Evil Knievel and Homeopathy.

SFSBM 196: Believing does make it so.

SFSBM 195: Blazer Cupping.

SFSBM 194: Tetanus Scare.

SFSBM 193: Ms. America, Doctor of Chiropractic

SFSBM 192: Credentially Nonsense.

SFSBM 191: Choosing Wisely. Most of the Time.

SFSBM 190: More Tooth Fairy Science: Ayurgenomics.

SFSBM 189: Agave is a placebo. So use it for cough.

SFSBM 188: Pretentious Pseudo-healthy Products.

SFSBM 187: Nuts: Homeopathy and Chiropractic for Ebola.

SFSBM 186: One Retraction Down, One to Go.

SFSBM 185: Catastrophic CAM.

SFSBM 184: Simple Experiments

SFSBM 183: Ebola. So Little Risk, So Much Worry.

SFSBM 182: Money Well Spent.

SFSBM 181: Should naturopaths sell dietary supplements to patients?

SFSBM 180: Acupuncture Tidbits.

SFSBM 179: Profiling

SFSBM 178 Chiropractors' attitudes toward drug prescription privileges.

SFSBM 177Ohio Competition.

SFSBM 176Pop Goes the Lung.

SFSBM 175: October is "Oregon Chiropractic Health and Wellness Month".

SFSBM 174: Naturopathic Medicine Week 2014.

SFSBM 173: Self-appointed medical watchdog.

SFSBM 172: Medicine Gets Harder.

SFSBM 171: Placebo Power for Asthma.

SFSBM 170: Dietary supp execs incarcerated for civil contempt.

SFSBM 169: Creeping Quackademia.

SFSBM 168: Say good-bye to the Pangolin.

SFSBM 167: Inflicting Nonsense on the Helpless.

SFSBM 166: Selling house brand homeopathy lands Whole Foods in court.

SFSBM 165: Ebola and Nano Silver.

SFSBM 164: Homemade snake oil: ionized water.

SFSBM 163: Catalog.

SFSBM 162: Testimonials

SFSBM 161: It's not stupidity, it's the way we are.

SFSBM 160: Legislating Science. That's Going to Turn Out Well.

SFSBM 159: Pass.

SFSBM 158: Homeopaths Enter the Ebola Death Contest.

SFSBM 157: Dietary supp industry needs a dose of its own medicine.

SFSBM 156: We don't need no stinkin' science.

SFSBM 155: Another Style of Acupunctures.

SFSBM 154: TN.

SFSBM 153: More Extinction from TCPM.

SFSBM 152: Acupuncture Does Nothing.

SFSBM 151: Winsor? Not.

SFSBM 150: Plaintiffs may find Vitaminwater settlement hard to swallow.

SFSBM 149: Yet another form of acupuncture.

SFSBM 148: That's so Chiropractic.

SFSBM 147: The Advice from an Ebola whisperer.

SFSBM 146: Enforcement of FDA gluten-free food labeling begins.

SFSBM 145: Hang 'em High: Cervical Manipulation and Stoke.

SFSBM 144: Chikungunya is coming.

SFSBM 142: Unethical. Always.

SFSBM 141: Frightening autistic children with chiropractic.

SFSBM 140: 2014: a losing legislative season for naturopaths.

SFSBM 139: Renegades.

SFSBM 138: California Legislature tries to reform Acupuncture Board (again).

SFSBM 137: Yet Another Form of 'Acupunctures'.

SFSBM 136: One Story is Worth a 1000 Studies.

SFSBM 135: Real Effects or Random Noise?

SFSBM 134: A Scale Would Be Easier.

SFSBM 133No Side Effects is an Important Effect

SFSBM 132Acupunctures. Plural.

SFSBM 131Integrative Medicine Center Closes

SFSBM 130: Science 2.0.  Critical Thinking 0.

SFSBM 129: What is truth?

SFSBM 128: Zarbee's busted by FDA for dietary supplement claims

SFSBM 127:  None so blind.

SFSBM 126:  "Safer" raw milk is not safe raw milk.

SFSBM 125:  That's so Oz.

SFSBM 124: I sense a disturbance.

SFSBM 123:  Research shows research doesn't matter.  

SFSBM 122:  Hold the Mayo.

SFSBM 121:  Is a Doctorate in Fantasy a Fantasy Doctorate?

SFSBM 120:  Safer than driving to the doctors office.  

SFSBM 119:  Natural Irony.  

SFSBM 118:  Compare and Contrast: MDs v. NDs practicing without residencies.  

SFSBM 117:  More on Satistics  

SFSBM 115:  More Boosting.  

SFSBM 115:  CIGO: Cochrane In, Garbage Out.  

SFSBM 114:  Time to Speak up for Science-Based Medicine.  

SFSBM 113:  Connecticut naturopaths gain "modern" scope of practice.  

SFSBM 112:  Pop Pop.  

SFSBM 111:  Disconnect.  

SFSBM 110:  Homeopathy and Placebo.  

SFSBM 109:  It's only natural. Or maybe it's not.  

SFSBM 108:  Gloria Thomas Memorial Week.  

SFSBM 107:  Flaming Groin.  

SFSBM 106:  297.1.  

SFSBM 105:  Moxibustion Update.  

SFSBM 104:  Canadian dietary supplement regulation in race to bottom with U.S.  

SFSBM 103:  It is still a demon haunted world.  

SFSBM 102:  Dogs can't say no.

SFSBM 101Homeopathic remedies: the naked emperor changes outfits.

SFSBM 100: Evaluating Fiction As If It Were Reality.

SFSBM 99: The Spectrum of Odd Associations.

SFSBM 98It's the Great Pumpkin.

SFSBM 97: Touched.  Some idle speculation.

SFSBM 96: Naturopaths now covered by Medicaid in Washington.

SFSBM 95: Infinite Variations.

SFSBM 94Bias.

SFSBM 93Not Fraud. But still not right.

SFSBM 92Lipstick on a Pig.

SFSBM 91EBM,SBM, and Bias.

SFSBM 90Licensed to Ill.

SFSBM 89 Naturopaths suffer several legislative setbacks.

SFSBM 88Of Mice and Pain?

SFSBM 87Irony?

SFSBM 86Causes.

SFSBM 85Rare Diseases Become Common.

SFSBM 84Homeopathic remedies: perfectly legal, the perfect fraud, or both?

SFSBM 83Battling Placebos, Wrong Conclusions.

SFSBM 82 Evil Twins.

SFSBM 81A Proof of Concept.

SFSBM 80It just seems wrong.

SFSBM 79 An unwarranted expansion of expanded access to investigational drugs.

SFSBM 78A Whiff of Corruption.

SFSBM 78aIt seems wrong.

SFSBM 77Number needed to...

SFSBM 76Herbs for the Heart.

SFSBM 75Top Herbal Shill.

‚ÄčSFSBM 74Trigger Points.

SFSBM 73Compare and Contrast.

SFSBM 72There is no 'right' to not vaccinate your children.

SFSBM 71Homeopathic Urine

SFSBM 70More Denial

SFSBM 69Belly Laugh

SFSBM 68 Rhode Island becomes the latest state in push for naturopathic licensing

SFSBM 67Naturopaths win a couple; chiropractors and acupuncturists strike out (so far)

SFSBM 66 A miracle

SFSBM 65Decline in Homeopathy Use

SFSBM 64Should medical students be taught alternative medicine?

SFSBM 63 Are NDs primary care physicians? Maryland says "no"

SFSBM 62Un-Natural Acts

SFSBM 61Brain Variations

SFSBM 60Weak Recommendations

SFSBM 59There was no study

SFSBM 58Disastrous false positives

SFSBM 57PT vrs Chiropractic in Washington

SFSBM 56Reverse the Polarity

SFSBM 55Applied Kinesiology is Useless

SFSBM 54: The Island of Sears

SFSBM 53: Just My Imagination?

SFSBM 52: Worthless and Unethical

SFSBM 51: Naturopathic scope of practice expansion.

SFSBM 50: Deluded Emergency Room

SFSBM 49: Popular

SFSBM 48: Agnotology

SFSBM 47: Epikaizo

SFSBM 46: Alabama Acupuncture

SFSBM 45: Life List

SFSBM 44: Responsibility

SFSBM 43: Vaccine-preventable diseases: out the front door, in the back door?

SFSBM 42:  A needless death

SFSBM 41: Disingenuous: Adding acupuncture adds nothing

SFSBM 40: Blind men and the Elephant in the Room

SFSBM 39: Gibberish

SFSBM 38: Chiropractic "primary care" threatens to invade another state

SFSBM 37: Harm

SFSBM 36: Not always so great

SFSBM 35: Trolls

SFSBM 34:  A bit of disinfectant sunshine for Hawaiian naturopaths

SFSBM 33: Grounded

SFSBM 32: Dangerous Liasons: chiropractors and drugs

SFSBM 31: Double standard

SFSBM 30: Good news of a sort

SFSBM 29: Brichin'.

There may be something to birch bark for wounds

SFSBM 28: Brichin'.

There may be something to birch bark for wounds

SFSBM 27: Bring out your science.

Prince Charles and Senator Harken. Two of a kind.

SFSBM-26 Placebo Nocebo

Sham pseudo-medicine is safer than real pseudo-medicine.

SFSBM-25 What defines my life.

Fevers are good for you.

SFSBM-24 A Hawaiian Senator who gets it and other legislative updates

More on making pseudo-medicines legal.

SFSBM-23 Good news, bad news for Coloradans

Making pseudo-medicines legal.

SFSBM-22 Acupuncture as Beer Googles

How acupuncture relieves pain.

SFSBM-21 Doctors are Just These Guys, You Know

On the use of pseudomedicine by MDs.

SFSBM-20 Tooth Fairy Science and the Constitution

Yang-Deficient Constitution and HIV.

SFSBM-19 Science for Science-Based Medicine.

Guest Post by Eugenie V. Mielczarek on human energy fields.

SFSBM-18  Combinations.

Bee Venom + Acupuncture = Infection.

SFSBM-17 Googlewhack?

Infection control technique by acupuncurists is not optimal.

SFSBM 16: Hanlons Razor.

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

SFSBM 15: First Principles.

Glucosamine and chondroitin is like eating hair.

SFSBM 14: Everyone dies. Homeopathy can help it happen.

Treating asthma with homeopathy. Bad idea.

SFSBM 13: Filthy Lucre

Not everything is done for money.

SFSBM 12: How Medicine Advances Redux.

Randomized clinical trials (RCT’s) are the worst form of  research except all the others that have been tried. ~Sir Winston Churchill.

SFSBM 11: Advocacy.

Legislating pseudo-medicine.

SFSBM 10: Cognitive dissonance.

F. Scott gets it wrong.

SFSBM 9: How urinary tract infections cause depression.

GIGO in a medical article.

SFSBM 8: Understood.

I understand why people use CAM.

SFSBM 7: A Perfect Example of Why This Organization is Needed.

A University is proud and thrilled to have a chiropractic residency.

SFSBM 6: An Offer You Can Refuse.

You want me, you can have me.

SFSBM 5: Scant hours spent do not a Doctor make.

With no real training, DC want to be your primary care Doc.

SFSBM 4: Friends, Koreans, countrymen. Lend me your ears.

Ear acupuncture for weight loss?!?

SFSBM 3: Science-Based Medicine Delivers

AIDS life expectancy is almost normal, no thanks to pseudo-medicines

SFSBM 2: Popcorn

Homeopathy beats popcorn for the highest price for the least contents.

SFSBM 1: Please allow us to introduce ourselves

An introduction to the podcast and the Society for Science-Based Medicine