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Organizations need people and funding.

The anti-vaccine groups have the organization and funding to put up billboards across the United States.

In part due to the organization and funding provided by the Bravewell Collaborative many major medical institutions in the United States have departments of Integrative Medicine and their ilk.

For Science-Based Medicine we have? Virtually nothing. It could be argued that we have the breadth and depth of the medical-industrial complex behind us, and at some level we do.

It is a matter of focus and emphasis. The issues covered, for example, by the Science-Based Medicine Blog, are of peripheral interest to most organizations. Members of the Infectious Disease Society of America are interested in issues around vaccines, but devote their time and energy to the reality-based issues surrounding the development and deployment of vaccines. Most Health Care Providers have little time to devote to the issues covered by Science-Based Medicine. And that has consequences.

There has never been a meeting devoted to Science-Based Medicine.

The is no journal devoted to Science-Based Medicine.

There is no central repository for the expertise and education around issues related to Science-Based Medicine.

There needs to be all of the above and more. We hope the Society for Science-Based Medicine will be that focus.

There are benefits to being a dues paying member: free copies of all the ebooks, discounts at meetings, access to the discussion boards, and the satisfaction of no longer be a shruggie.

So join us in our endeavor.

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